The Mentalism of Sean Waters

Thank you for visiting the home of the creative endeavors of Sean Waters. If you have invested in my materials before, I welcome you back and sincerely appreciate your continued patronage. If you have traveled here for the first time, I thank you for coming.

As with all mentalism, the materials of Experience-Architecture.com feature demonstrations of enhanced mental abilities. The presentations include: heightened memory and body-language awareness, enhanced intuition and approximations of outright paranormal abilities. These are accomplished by a blend of genuine psychological principles, classic mentalism techniques (read: methods of fraudulent psychics) and perceptual sculpting. The uniting goal is to create psychological illusions with realism, plausibility and humanity. I appreciate your interest and I hope you find materials worthy of your personal use. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. I would be pleased to hear from you.

With Regards,
Sean Waters